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Massive Vlog Fail!

“As we headed toward March, the world started to become a little strange, but shortly after the show I was heading out with my first batch of Moonfruit”

My first session in March was just a day session, and armed with my first batch of the Moonfruit Enzyme Active I was mega keen to get some rigs and bait in the water.

Saturday afternoon I tied some new rigs and packed up the essentials ready to hit the lake first thing Sunday morning.

I had recently purchased new filming equipment as well, and was all geared up for making a short vlog for the UCN team. I pulled up to the lakes gates about twenty minutes early, and decided I’d do an intro piece for the vlog. After a couple of takes, and much cringing at the sound of my own voice 😬, I had a short intro which I was happy with, so I jumped back in the van and used the countdown to opening to play around with the settings on my new gadget. Now I should’ve stopped and had a word with myself right there and then because it really isn’t me, but I wanted to do the classic time lapse drive down the track to the lake with the boom boom soundtrack, you know the scene. So, that wasn’t too difficult to set up and off I bounced down the track to the clubhouse, sunrise over my shoulder [boom boom soundtrack]; Scene Two complete.

After putting the camera equipment away safely, I signed in at the clubhouse and set about loading up the barrow. I always keep in touch with other members, and going on their recent form and mine, I kind of knew the area I wanted to be in. As I pushed my kit round, I was pleased to see my favoured and in-form peg was free, I left the barrow in the peg while I had a quick mooch about and chat with Chris who was fishing further up the lake.

But time is at a premium on a day session so I got back to my chosen peg and buzzed the rods out. I know these spots, I fish them regularly and have recorded wraps, etc, so I lightly baited over the top with the magic 12mm Moonfruit. Rods out, I turned attention to Scene Three. With the rods in play and knowing that action can come almost instantly on the right day, I extracted my new filming kit from my bag and set it up to film a take for the video. All set with fishing/filming in quick time, I was just contemplating getting the brew kit out when the middle rod tip bounced and the bobbin dropped to the floor. The unmistakable shriek of a Delkim made me jump out of my skin as all hell was let loose in slow motion. I soon caught up with the action and wound in the slack to be greeted by the “that’s a carp” bend in the rod.

It certainly was a carp and was duly netted after beating me up close in and wiping out another rod. I left the fish in the net and quickly attached another baited rig and got the rod back on the spot. As we all know, it‘s important to work quickly in getting the rod back on the spot after a take, especially on a short session so I was using a technique that allows you to leave your line in the reel clip at your pre-wrapped distance by simply casting from a couple of meters behind your rods. By the time you’ve reeled in all the slack plus the extra distance to your rests you will have a good few meters of line on the spool before you hit the clip again. You’ll need to fish locked up when using this technique and remain close to your rods! So, with a fish landed and a take all caught on camera I decided to do a short piece explaining the above technique and quickly set the camera back down in case I got another take. As I was preparing to weigh the fish in my net, the same rod hooped over again and the alarm began to sing, I was quickly on it and after another spirited fight I had two carp in the net!

After the carnage had settled and I’d recast all the rods and dealt with the fish etc, I finally got the brew kit out. Feeling pretty pleased with myself that I had the beginnings of a decent little vlog for the UCN team, I began to load all of the footage into my editing suite so that I could start stitching it together. Well, to my absolute horror I watched what looked like an episode Benny Hill! Benny Hill goes fishing if you like! Just

rewind back to filming of scene two, when I switched the camera settings over to time lapse so I could get my funky driving down the track sequence, then you’ve probably guessed it! What a numpty! I’d filmed the entire vlog apart from the opening scene in time lapse mode 😩

For your amusement, I present to you- Benny Hill goes fishing!

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