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MoonFruit Madness!

Moving on from the disastrous vlog I attempted on the last session, I ventured back out the following weekend for a 36 hour session back at Broadlands armed with a generous amount of 12mm MoonFruit Enzyme Active. The flooding had continued and the lake was almost unrecognisable in its flooded state. With one half of the lake closed to anglers and under a significant amount of water, I was forced to settle in a car park swim from which I could fish out of the back of my van. I would have to fish in waders for the duration of this session as the rods were placed on long banksticks in knee high water! With the rods out and a van shaped bivvy all set up it was time to wait and see if any action would occur.

An hour soon past and then another, I was getting a little twitchy as to wether I'd chosen the right area when suddenly one of the rods was away! A small but very welcome carp was soon slipped back and the rod replaced on the spot. From that moment on it was absolute carnage as a shoal of fish had clearly decided to move in on the 12mm MoonFruit I was feeding to the spot, take after take and several double takes too! By this time I had gained some company with a couple of good mates Ben and Danny joining me at the edge of the flood water to fish for the night. As the evening approached, we ordered some food and beer from the club house while the fish continued to mop up the MoonFruit and after receiving my first take around midday, by 10pm I'd landed 12 carp and lost one or two as well.

I was beginning to get tired as the constant wading through floodwater was taking its toll, waders aren't the most comfortable thing to spend a long time in and as we approached midnight i'd had a couple more fish, I decided that rather than putting the rod back on the zone I would place it in the flooded margins and think about taking off the waders and getting some sleep. well, within seconds of pulling them off the margin rod I had just placed absolutely melted! I had no choice but to just enter the water, there was no time for waders! Another one in the bag and soaked through to the skin I decided enough was enough and reeled in for some much needed sleep! (Man I'm getting old)!

With 14 carp under my belt I was more than happy to get some sleep and hopefully resume the carnage at first light. Looking out across the water from my bed in the half light of the morning I saw two fish roll over the area I'd been fishing, that was enough to entice me out of bed and back into the waders! within a few minutes the rods were in play and the kettle was on, it never got the chance to boil before the first fish slipped up, I now had two rods on the productive spot and things escalated quickly into yet another double take! The first one went in the net and i could see it was a better fish than ones I'd had so far but it would have to wait in the net as I waded across to the other rod. Two carp in the net and carnage had resumed! I released the second fish right away as it was just a small stocky, the common in the other net however looked like it warranted a weigh in. It turned out to be the biggest of the session by far at 27lb and ounces and topped of a real red letter session for me. I had one more fish shortly before packing down bringing the total to 17 carp in 36hrs fishing. Exausted, cold, wet and baitless I headed home.

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