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Proud team member at Ultimate Carp Nutrition.

In 2019 I joined an innovative bait company called Ultimate Carp Nutrition or UCN for short. I first became aware of UCN back in 2007 purely by chance after meeting a guy on the Linear complex who was smashing the carp up on an enzyme active boilie. Shortly after getting my hands on some of this bait I quickly went on to catch many beautiful carp from the waters I was fishing across the UK and France. UCN eventually took a lengthy absence from the scene, for various reasons; until 2019 saw the re-birth and the company has regained its original followers plus many more due the innovative products and intelligent bait formulation from Dean the company director. Whilst this is an independent site and we will not be bombarding people with advertising, it is also an independent blog, and as my role at UCN is to test and promote the products, then I will be featuring it in my blog posts on a regular basis and of course if anyone wishes to discuss or ask questions on the forum then that would be welcomed! There are also links to Ultimate Carp Nutrition on the site for those of you wanting to learn more. Clicking on the photo below will take you to the UCN website.

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