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Summer 2021 Round Up.

So its been ages since I did anything with this website, I still don't really know where I am going with it to be honest but it will come one day! Any way here's a little update about my year on Broadlands Lake in Hampshire. After a very slow start to the year with lockdowns putting an end to night fishing until late March, I only had a handful of carp to my name but, with the resumption of night fishing it would all change very rapidly! throughout the spring months from April to early June, I had some of the best fishing I can remember, I must have caught at least forty carp by the start of June which was amazing compared to the months that preceded. Then summer came along and some very hot weather came along with it, this always makes fishing challenging especially if you're a little bit ginger like me! I kept going regardless and was catching steadily but nothing like the spring. As we head into Autumn I try to go as much as possible as this is one of the sweet spots in the calendar year for carp fishing, here's a little snippet from an early September session where, it seems carnage has resumed!

I love it when this place is rocking! Crazy little session of about 30hrs down at Bro

adlands Lake. This is up there as one of the best sessions I’ve had here at Broadlands so I’d like to share it with you. I started in a swim called Slingers on Sunday morning and a good hour or two passed with no action so I decided to move, just a couple of swims down to peg 35. It took another good while to get the first bite but a mid double in the net and we’re off! I lost one shortly after, close in too and it was a goodun. Holding back the tears I got the rod sorted again and soon enough another carp safely netted, two more followed but I was having to go further and further to my right (back towards Slingers) to get bites. I always fish off the barrow during the day so within a few minutes I was fishing back in Slingers. The right hand rod was first to go and just after netting it the left was away! The middle then went whilst in mid fight and before I knew it I had no rods in the water and three carp netted It’s starting to get dark now so rods quickly back out and photography done I finally sat down for something to eat. I didn’t get much sleep as through night and into the morning I landed another 6 carp In total so far ( I’ve still an hour to go) 4 doubles 8 twenties to 29lb 8oz 5 of which were 25+ and a 32lb 8oz common. An average weight of around 22lb, that’s top sport! Anyway I’ll stop boring you now and hope you all enjoy the pics.


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